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Double Glazing Twickenham

At Jewel, we offer quality double glazing to homes in Twickenham and the surrounding areas. We use it as standard in our windows, doors and conservatories, meaning you’ll be able to enhance your living space in multiple ways. That way, you can stop losing heat through thin materials in your home, meaning you stay warmer and more comfortable.

In your windows alone, you could be losing as much as 10% of your home’s energy through underperforming options. However, with brand-new products from Jewel, you’ll get double glazing that works to capture more of your home’s energy and ensures cold air doesn’t play havoc with your living space.

With Jewel, you can create the warm, welcoming home of your dreams. Our windows use double glazing as standard, with a range of styles and the option of uPVC and aluminium frames to light up your Twickenham home. Additionally, all of our doors use double glazing, including sliding and bi-fold doors which are almost entirely made from glass.

And, if you’re looking to get more space, you don’t have to move house to find it – our range of conservatories give you a brand-new room you can use every day. And, with our competitive, local prices, investing in double glazing for your Twickenham home with Jewel is a no-brainer!

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Benefits of Choosing Double Glazing

Our double glazing can protect your Twickenham home from the worst of the British weather. With two panes of glass, you’ll get better insulation for your home throughout the year. The design captures your home’s natural heat and keeps cold air out, creating a thermal barrier for your home that saves money on energy bills.

Peace of mind is priceless. However, at Jewel, our double glazing products can help you save money on getting that feeling of security. All of our products feature innovative security hardware that is an intruder’s worst nightmare. You’ll get multi-point locking systems, durable handles, shootbolts and more to keep you safe.

That’s not the only way to make your Twickenham home more peaceful. With Jewel, you can invest in windows, doors and conservatories that are quiet and calm. Double glazing has excellent sound insulation, blocking out any distractions from outside. The designs are thick enough to reduce loud noises too, including stadium crowds!


Double Glazing Windows in Twickenham

Our range of double glazing windows could provide a fresh perspective for your home in Twickenham. With double glazing as standard, you’ll let through plenty of natural light, but without exposing your home to the weather outside. You’ll get slimline frames for stunning views that are fully weatherproof, protecting you from wind and rain.

Casement windows are the UK’s most popular design, and they’re the most customisable. With double glazing and a slimline frame, you’ll be able to let natural light pour into your living space. And, with millions of combinations to create through unique colours, hardware and accessories, the design is entirely in your hands.

Sliding sash windows, meanwhile, add a touch of timelessness to homes in Twickenham. You’ll get a vertical sliding opening, meaning all you have to do to open the window is to push. From there, you’ll get ample space to ventilate your home, while uPVC and aluminium frames protect the internal hardware to ensure smooth sliding every time.

Residence 9 windows bring luxury double glazing to homes in Twickenham. With their hand-crafted visuals and artisan appeal, these are windows as they should be. Not only that, but these windows can perform brilliantly for your home. You’ll get outstanding insulation, which means you can take back control of your household bills.

Tilt and turn windows are an innovative option for your home. These designs can open inward, outward or in other ways to give you more choice in how you use them. You can fit these windows into smaller spaces, tilt them towards you for easy cleaning, and they’ll stay locked to a central bar for 24/7 security and peace of mind.

Finally, bow and bay windows use multiple panels of double glazing for your home in Twickenham. These expansive designs extend a wall of your home outward. Because of this, you’ll create more space in your home, and turn your living space into a front-row seat to nature. These windows have a 180-degree field of view for lighting at all angles.

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Double Glazing Doors

Our range of doors all use double glazing panels for your home in Twickenham. Because of this, you get a balance of light, warmth and durability. You can choose from our range of both composite and Residence 9 doors.

Composite doors have an authentic timber look, but use a blend of materials to create a weatherproof design. That means, unlike wood, it won’t crack or twist in wind and rain. Additionally, Residence 9 doors have brilliant insulation, while their quality design gives you an entrance that will make a lasting impact.

Double Glazing Conservatories and Orangeries

With Jewel, you won’t have to move house to find your dream home. Instead, you can create it, with a brand-new conservatory or orangery. Our options don’t get too hot in summer or chilly in winter. Instead, they stay comfortable all year round. We work with Ultraframe to offer a range of high-quality build styles that are fully customisable for your home.

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