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Many homeowners complain that their conservatory feels either too hot or too cold. They can only enjoy their space for a limited amount of time as it’s either an icebox or a stuffy greenhouse. No one wants to spend the time money and effort installing a conservatory that can’t be used for the majority of the year.

The problem is usually that elements of the build are out of date and needs replacing. If your conservatory is too hot, it is likely that you will need to replace the roof. Old glass or polycarbonate roofs (the type you can see through) will usually create that uncomfortable stuffiness. While things like blinds and fans are short time, and expensive solutions, they won’t help in the long run.

Why Is My Conservatory So Cold?

Your conservatory being the coldest spot in his home is a common complaint with homeowners in the area. This is because outdated glass and polycarbonate keep less heat in than our well insulated, modern solutions.

The older your conservatory is, the more likely it is to suffer from subpar energy efficiency levels, and it is often more about the roof than the double glazing or uPVC framework.

Because technology has undoubtedly evolved in the double glazing industry. If your conservatory is more than a decade old, it could be that it won’t hold up to the standards of double or triple glazing.

It’s quite likely that the seals that ensure your conservatory stays weatherproof and airtight is sure to have suffered some damage over the years of wear. Even the best maintained space will degrade when not crafted using high grade modern materials.

We also offer replacement windows and doors that can improve how a space retains heat. The closed unit that makes up the bulk of your conservatory will gradually lose the inert gas to the environment around it, but bigger fluctuations can take place when your double glazing becomes damaged.

If you notice that the seals around the double glazing in your conservatory are flaking or discolouring, or if there are visible gaps, replacing your double glazing will help to stop heat from escaping the extension.

New Conservatory Roof Prices

Glazed Conservatories

A conservatory roof that floods a space with light will do the same with the heat and the cold, amplifying the external temperature. On a hot day, the conservatory becomes a sauna, on a winter’s day it is only usable with the heating turned up to full blast.

When deciding what materials to use, remember the more traditional glazing, the more likely the space is to overheat. One of our polycarbonate roofs will make it easier to regulate the internal temperature.

We work with both Pilkington Glass and Ultraframe to ensure you benefit from superior quality when choosing a new conservatory roof. Our conservatory roofs eliminate the problems of the past, such as leaks, draughts and that overheating.

Replace your glass roof with one of our market leading solutions. They will still offer that bright and open feeling, yet with enhanced levels of thermal efficiency. Unlike polycarbonate, our range of glass roofs will never discolour, and they are also stronger, more robust and more energy efficient.

You will immediately feel the benefits of this line of conservatory roofs, and with a range of technological advancements, you can deliver an outstanding performance. A conservatory doesn’t have to be too hot or too cold, you just have to get the right roof for it.

We can also replace your old conservatory roof with new Pilkington ActivTM Self-cleaning glass. This roofing solution can have an outstanding effect on how your conservatory looks, feels and sounds. This self-cleaning glazing installation delivers enhanced temperature control and improved levels of sound insulation.


Tiled Conservatories

The UltraRoof380 conservatory roof is a fantastic tiled choice if you want to replace your conservatory roof. They can help turn a stuffy glazed space into a real extension. We can match the tiles to your existing brickwork so it will seamlessly blend into your existing architecture.

These tiled conservatory roofs are vaulted, creating a spacious feeling inside a conservatory. This line is known for delivering an outstanding thermal performance, protecting your conservatory from the excessive heat and bitter cold you may currently be feeling.

If you are unsure whether you want a glass or tiled roof, try the state of the art Ultraframe LivinRoof. This premium design gives you the very best of both roofing styles, as it has a solid roof team with large glazed areas as well.

Minimise that overly cold or hot feeling in your extension, while still benefiting from a naturally brighter space. The LivinRoof is as visually appealing internally as it is externally. You can have your new conservatory roof finished internally with lighting in the pelmets along with speakers to create a place that feels more like an extension to your home.

New Conservatory Installation

If your entire conservatory build is unusable, it’s best to just replace the entire product. Our high quality conservatories can be enjoyed all year round, thanks to the modern materials and thermally efficient manufacturing techniques.

A north-facing conservatory is less likely to overheat, as it will not be as directly in the sun. The light will also be more consistent and will minimise glare, as you'll have shade all year round. Of course, it depends on where you have available space within your property.

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