Flat Skylights Surrey

Flat Skylights Surrey

Give your home a stunning centrepiece with our flat skylights.

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Flat Skylights Prices Surrey

Flat Skylight Prices Surrey

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Thermal Performance

Our flat skylights can transform your conservatory or orangery into a warm, comfortable space. With one of these designs, you can achieve overall U-values as low as 1.3W/m2k for your home.

Frameless Look

Our comprehensive range of flat skylights means that you can enjoy unrestricted views of the world above. Our flat skylights will fill your Surrey home with an influx of natural light and give your home a bright and airy feel.

Natural Light

Your new flat skylight can open your home up to the natural world. You'll have a concentrated shaft of natural light in the centre of your living space, making your home warmer, brighter and more efficient.



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Flat Skylights Surrey

Key Features of our Flat Skylights

  • Increased Natural Light
  • Uninterrupted Sightlines
  • Thermally Efficient
  • Fully Weatherproof

Flat Skylights

Flat skylights are an incredible addition for any home in Surrey. The design can transform any space into a bright, warm area for you and your family to enjoy. These skylights are ideal for several rooms in your home.

If your living space is cramped, or can feel cold in the winter months, then a skylight can offer a more natural feeling as well as increased warmth. Also, if you have a conservatory or an orangery, a flat skylight can improve its thermal performance, making it usable all year round.

At Jewel, we make sure our flat skylights are leading lights for your home. We have a partnership with Atlas, a clear market leader for these stunning designs. Because of this, we have the confidence that we can make good on your investment.

Atlas’s design can make your home warmer, safer and more comfortable. It could even lead you to save money on your energy bills, and take back control of your household costs. And, with full customisation available on almost every aspect, you can design a skylight as unique as your home is.

Flat Skylight Design

When you invest in flat skylights for your Surrey home, you’ll get a design that puts your needs first. For a start, you can turn your home into a natural space that feels more connected to the outside world. You’ll get uninterrupted sightlines from every angle of the skylight.

That’s because Atlas’s minimalist rooflight blends in seamlessly with the rest of your roof. No matter the room you want to brighten up, these skylights come in several shapes to suit any spaces.

Your skylight will sit flush with the plasterboard too. That means the whole design has a frameless appearance, giving your home a sleek and stylish centrepiece. Also, these skylights won’t expose you to the worst of nature.

They have a weatherproof design, which means wind and rain won’t be able to get through the glass and play havoc with your home. Atlas only use cutting-edge glazing in their skylights, so we can offer you a design that provides incredible performance.

Flat Skylights Design



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11.9% APR Rep.

Why Choose our Flat Skylights?

Our flat skylights, supplied by Atlas Aluminium, are full of impressive features:

  • Flush Glazing
  • Overall U Value of 1.3
  • 10 year seal and easy clean coating warranty
  • Slim aluminium design
  • Low E insulated toughed double glazing
  • Fully insulated frame

When you work with Jewel, you can invest in all of these features and more for your Surrey home. A flat skylight is perfect for flat roof extensions, adding to existing roof spaces and for homes where a lantern is not permitted due to height limitations.

The unique aluminium external and internal capping and bespoke structural uPVC internal core means that the Atlas Flat Rooflight is the ultimate glazed skylight option.

Open your home up to warmth, comfort and savings with our flat skylights in Surrey!

Flat Skylights in Surrey



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11.9% APR Rep.

Flat Skylight Performance

Another reason to invest in our flat skylights is their performance. With one of these designs, you can make a dramatic difference to how your home looks and feels. Flat skylights use advanced double glazing in their design. Therefore, you won’t lose as much of your home’s natural heat, and the design will reduce glare as well.

With a slimline aluminium structure around the glass, you’ll get fantastic insulation from wind, rain and cold temperatures. As a result, you’ll have complete control of your home’s climate.

Because of this, you can make your home warmer without having to rely on your central heating as much. You won’t be losing as much of your home’s energy, so you can preserve it for far longer, and you can save money on your energy bills.

Flat skylights also offer so much natural light than you can cut down on your electricity usage. You’ll create a more natural home, and a sustainable one too: with less energy usage, your home’s carbon footprint will decrease, helping the planet.

Flat Skylights Performance



Pay Later

11.9% APR Rep.

Flat Skylights Prices Surrey

Invest in Jewel’s flat skylights for your Surrey home today, and transform your home for good.

Start the journey to a brighter living space by using our online design tool. Using this, you can create a bespoke flat skylight within minutes, and get a free quote for your design in even less time.

You can also get in touch with us on 01252 444 365 to speak to our friendly team, or you can fill out our online contact form to ask us for any further information.

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