Pergolas Surrey

Pergolas Surrey

Enhance your outdoor living with Pergolas from Jewel for your Surrey home!

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Pergolas Prices Surrey

Pergola Prices Surrey

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Weather Protection

Our pergolas can help you enjoy the outdoors in comfort. The glazed roofing section can shield you from the weather, protect patios and decking from harm, and create new space for your home.

Excellent Glazing

Thanks to our partnership with Ultraframe, you can choose betwen 6mm and 10mm glass for your Pergola. Both of these options provide you with a durable layer of weather protection, and a long-lasting design.

Versatile Design

You can use a pergola for plenty of different purposes. You can cover a patio with one, create an outdoor dining area, or even use it as a carport. You'll be investing in a design that makes your home more functional.



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Pergolas in Surrey

Key Features of our Pergolas

  • Long-Lasting Design
  • Wide Variety of Uses
  • Improves Outdoor Living
  • Fully Weatherproof


Jewel’s pergolas could help you make your Surrey home more suited to your needs. If you’ve wanted to enjoy outdoor living, but the weather makes it impossible, then a pergola could solve this issue.

The pergola is a glazed roofing section which attaches to your home. The design covers a part of your outdoor space, but has no walled sections. Because of this, you’ll be able to shield yourself from wind and rain, but you’ll still get the same fresh air and natural feeling of the outdoors.

When you invest in pergolas from Jewel, you’ll be making an excellent choice for your home. We’re a local installer, but we have a partnership with Ultraframe, the UK’s leading company for pergolas. As a result, we can provide a personalised experience, and world-leading quality for your home.

Ultraframe’s designs use cutting-edge glazing and leading technology. That way, you can enjoy the outdoors in total comfort, and with peace of mind. Your pergola will be able to perform for decades, and change the way you use your home for good.


Pergola Design

The design of our pergolas offers a range of benefits. Firstly, they can deal with any kind of weather conditions. Your pergola will have a drainage system, which means you can clear away any standing water with ease.

The slanted roof causes water to slide into a rainwater pipe, redirecting the water into the ground. Also, for added structural integrity, you’ll get aluminium posts that fit 500mm below ground level, to prevent strong winds shaking the design around.

Thanks to Ultraframe’s stunning design, you can use a pergola in several ways. You could create a comfortable space for sitting outdoors, without worrying about your furniture getting wet. You might be able to create a dining area so you can make mealtimes memorable.

Also, your pergola can prevent you from having to go through that awful walk through the rain to your car in the morning. Our pergolas are ideal carports, so you can park your car underneath to prevent it, and you, from getting wet.

Pergolas Design



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11.9% APR Rep.

Why Choose our Pergolas?

Jewel’s pergolas, supplied by Ultraframe, are full of fantastic, functional features for your Surrey home:

  • A wall plate for increased durability
  • 7.5 degree pitched roof to clear rainwater
  • Appealing curved beams with a stop end
  • 2.5-3.5mt projection
  • Aluminium rainwater pipe for reliable drainage
  • Support posts 500mm below the ground for total stability

Not only that, but pergolas are easy to fit. Ultraframe’s design makes installation simple and straightforward. That way, you can invest in one of these spaces knowing you won’t have to deal with too much disruption. The design is prefabricated off-site to make things run smoothly.

Another crucial feature of our pergolas is their curved beams. Not only do they look fantastic and add true elegance, but they can help you drain away water. The curved beams form part of the pergola’s guttering system. Clearing water away from your home has never been this aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, you can customise your new pergola to complement your home. You can choose from one of 9 designs, and in two distinctive colours: white and textured grey. As a result, you can either blend the new design in with your space or create a striking contrast. The choice is entirely up to you.

Pergolas Costs Surrey



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11.9% APR Rep.

Pergola Performance

When you invest in pergolas for your Surrey home, you’ll get a space that performs fantastically. Firstly, it is a long-lasting and fully weatherproof design. That means it’ll be able to deal with even the worst weather conditions for decades to come.

You’ll get toughened double glazing and robust aluminium across the design for added strength. The long-lasting design means it won’t fade, rot or twist, and it can protect wooden decking and furniture from this as well.

The versatility of the design can also help you improve performance elsewhere in your home. Now you’ll have a more comfortable outdoor space, you can put less strain on your heating and electricity costs, potentially saving you money on bills.

And, with nine designs available in two stunning colours, your new pergola will be as unique as your Surrey home is. Get in touch with Jewel today to transform your home with an impressive new pergola.


Pergolas Performance



Pay Later

11.9% APR Rep.

Pergola Prices Surrey

If you’re looking for pergolas in Surrey, contact Jewel today to make a long-lasting investment.

Start the process today by using our free online design tool to create your pergola. Once you’ve compared the designs and found the option that’s right for you, we can give you an online quote within minutes.

Also, you can always give our friendly team a call on 01252 444 365 or fill out our online contact form to ask us anything about our pergolas.

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