Having cellular PVC roofline installed is an attractive and low maintenance way of investing in your home. We offer a complete installation service of durable fascias, soffits and guttering.

Cellular PVC Roofline from Jewel Windows

We offer cellular PVC roofline in a range of colours to suit the majority of properties. We offer the market’s most comprehensive roofline system, developed using 40 years of plastics technology.

Roofline Guildford

Colour Fastness

As roofline is the finishing touch to the appearance of your property you want to know that the look you have will last. Our cellular PVC roofline has excellent colour fastness properties. White cellular PVC comes with a 15 year guarantee and coloured and foiled profiles are guaranteed for 10 years.

Fully Certified Products

Our roofline complies with UK and European industry guidelines on the removal of lead from PVC. Our exceptional roofline products are accredited with BBA and BSI certification, OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental). They are also manufactured under ISO 9001.

Fascias and Soffits

We offer a choice of fascias and soffits so you can style your roofline to suit your property. The options we provide are detailed below.

White Fascias

Our white fascia option is a strong, load-bearing profile. We secure them straight onto the rafter foot in order to give the weight of the eaves, rainwater systems and tiles full support. We offer the soffit boards in various sizes and you can choose from interlocking cladding profiles and vented and unvented flat boards. We also offer a fluted board option.

Foiled Fascias

Our foiled roofline option comprises 16mm fascias and 9mm vented and unvented soffits. They are specifically designed to colour match the majority of window and conservatory products on the market. The foil finishes we offer come with perfectly colour-matched joints, trims and corners for a seamless look. We can also supply cladding profiles in foiled finishes.

M-Boss Fascias

Our beautiful M-Boss roofline replicates the traditional look of timber but provides you with all the modern benefits of cellular PVC. It is durable, low maintenance and will maintain the look of older properties or add a touch of charm to newer houses.

This attractive product is available in a choice of sizes including a 405m double-ended board which makes constructing box-ends quick and easy. Our M-Boss roofline comes with colour matched corners and joints and can be used with both vented and unvented soffits. Soffits can be tailored to match or contrast with the fascias.

Soffit Boards

Plain soffit boards from Jewel Windows are 9mm thick and can be used for both lay-on and angled soffits details. We also offer ventilated soffits that come with either single (10mm) or double (25mm) row slot configurations.

These are also 9mm thick which provides strong structural integrity, preventing the need for repair and eradicating bowing. We also offer V and Tee Gee tongue and groove boards for wide ‘feature’ soffits.


We install sustainable Rainwater Systems ideal for most domestic and light commercial properties. Our roofline gutters are also a greener choice, perfect for those looking to minimise the impact of their carbon footprint.

Environmentally Friendly

The gutters we install are an excellent environmentally friendly product choice as they contain a high percentage of recycled PVC (nearly 84% by weight, of the guttering and piping is made up of recycled material.)

Using recycled PVC to manufacture guttering uses a small proportion of the amount of energy it takes to produce raw PVC. This amounts to approximately a 70% saving in CO2 emissions during production compared with a non-recycled PVC product.

High Quality Roofline

Jewel Windows only supply roofline products of the very highest quality. Our Rainwater Systems are made to comply with the following quality standards:

  • BS EN 607 : 2004 (eaves, gutters and fittings)
  • BS EN 1462 : 2004 (brackets for eaves, gutters)
  • BS EN 12200/1 : 2000 (plastic piping systems)
  • Kitemark KM508760
  • ISO 9001 Qualty Management System

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