uPVC vs Composite Doors | Are Composite Doors Better than uPVC?

Your home says a lot about you, particularly the front of your home. First impressions of your property tell people about your style and taste, which is why the front door you choose is so important. But what makes a good front door? And more importantly, which ones are the best insulated front doors and more efficient for your home?

Composite and uPVC doors are UK homeowners’ most popular choices when it comes to a front door. Available in a huge range of styles and colours, there is something out there for everyone. But when it’s time to make the decision and opt for the perfect front door for your home, there’s a lot to learn.

If you have been struggling to make a decision on whether you should choose a composite or uPVC door, here is an expert guide from Jewel Windows. Read below to find out everything you need to know about composite vs uPVC!

What is a Composite Door?

are composite doors better than upvc

A composite door is manufactured from a range of materials and features a steel frame. Inside, there is a central timber core together with a foam layer, which provides insulation. The inner materials are fused together with glue and encased in Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). The durable materials which are combined to create a composite door result in the product being incredibly robust and able to tolerate even the harshest of weathers.

What is a uPVC door?

uPVC doors use an insulated steel frame that is embedded into unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). Creating a sturdy seal, uPVC doors are extremely energy efficient due to the way in which they allow heat to be retained on the inside and deter cold from entering from outside. A popular choice because they are affordable, uPVC doors are a commonly used, stylish door.

It is essential that no matter which front door you choose, you opt for a front door that doesn’t allow heat to escape. Particularly in the colder months of the year, you want your home to be kept as warm as possible. Cold air needs to be kept out. Because of this, the key to choosing a good door is making sure that it performs well thermally.

upvc vs composite doors

Energy Efficiency of Composite Doors

Jewel’s composite front doors are a superb choice because of the guaranteed energy efficiency that they provide. With energy ratings up to ‘A’, a composite door from Jewel promises to retain heat, therefore lowering your heating bills. Cold air will not escape, meaning that your energy bills won’t rise because you are constantly trying to keep your property warm. Whether you opt for a timber core or foam filled composite door, both options are built to last.

Energy Efficiency of uPVC doors

The uPVC doors that we supply at Jewel are manufactured to have top quality thermal properties that enable you to regulate the temperature in your home. Designed to be energy efficient, the lightweight uPVC material that is used is both resilient and kind to the environment. Constructed to withstand harsh weather such as high winds and rain, uPVC doors offer long lasting protection at an affordable price.

Composite or uPVC Doors - Which Front Door is Warmer?

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Composite doors and uPVC doors have many similarities. Robust, offering excellent security and energy efficiency, both types of doors are superb choices. Composite front doors, however, are the superior choice when it comes to choosing a warmer door.

Because uPVC doors are made entirely from plastic, there are many advantages. As well as locking out awful weather and keeping your property warm, uPVC is easy to maintain and lasts a very long time. Most importantly, composite doors are a popular choice because of their affordability.

But when it comes to retaining heat, despite the bigger price tag, composite doors are warmer than uPVC. Because composite front doors are thicker, they are stronger and more robust. This means that they are able to retain even more heat on the inside of the property and exclude cold weather from the outside. Expertly designed seals completely eliminate drafts and protect you from the elements, therefore keeping your home as warm as possible.

Get Help Deciding On A Composite or uPVC Door

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At Jewel Windows, our dedicated team of experts will gladly support you as you decide which door is right for you. Whether you opt for composite or uPVC, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with a product that is energy efficient, stylish and long lasting.

Whilst composite front doors do have more benefits than uPVC, we still firmly believe that uPVC has many advantages. For this reason, we use premium materials when designing and manufacturing our doors to ensure unrivalled quality. Although A uPVC door will still keep your property warm and is likely to be suitable for a tighter budget.

No matter what you choose, be it a composite door or uPVC door, there is a huge range of styles and options at Jewel that we can tailor to be completely unique to you. Get in touch over the phone or by sending us a message online today. You can also use our front door pricing tool to get a tailored price for your custom front door!

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