A Local Installation - The Bishops’ Conservatory Roof Replacement

At Jewel Windows, we are well known for transforming homes across Surrey and the surrounding areas. We recently carried out a local conservatory roof installation & helped the Bishops turn their old conservatory into a warmer and more comfortable space that improved its overall performance and appearance.

In many homes, older conservatories simply do not perform as well as modern designs, as the technology used to create them is now outdated and not as advanced. These old conservatory designs can get cold in winter and hot in summer, meaning they aren't the most comfortable or relaxing part of the house. We worked to bring the Bishops' conservatory into the modern age.

So if you also have an outdated conservatory that is desperately in need of a replacement, read to learn more about our local conservatory roof installation.

bishop conservatory roof installation

Can the Existing Foundations of A Conservatory Support A Tiled Conservatory Roof?

The homeowners decided to invest in a conservatory replacement roof. At Jewel, we offer a wide range of roof designs that are fully customisable to your conservatory shape and style, whether you are looking for a completely new conservatory or a new conservatory roof for an older structure.

The Bishops were initially concerned that choosing a tiled conservatory roof would be a problem if the foundations of their old conservatory couldn't take the weight. However, our lightweight tiled conservatory roof was specifically designed to be fitted on older conservatories without straining the structure. Therefore, homeowners rest assured that they can achieve their dream conservatory roof design without any worry.

The Bishop family was delighted with their brand new conservatory roof. Thanks to the durable, dense design, it improved thermal efficiency. They also didn't have to compromise on lighting, as they could choose large glazed areas in the tiled roof that would let in plenty of light. They added new roofline products, too, creating a sleek and stylish look for their space.

replacement conservatory roof installations

Do You Need to Replace Your Conservatory to Improve Its Insulation?

Many homeowners are concerned that improving the insulation of an old conservatory means replacing the whole unit, which can be costly and time consuming. Luckily, at Jewel Windows, we know that a conservatory roof replacement can often be the solution to a number of different issues, such as poor thermal performance, noise pollution, and lack of privacy.

Replacing the conservatory roof would help the Bishop family reclaim their old room. The new conservatory tiled roof system captures more of their home's natural heat and blocks cold air from outside, insulating their home. Additionally, new tiled roofs reflect heat, reduce glare, and restrict the greenhouse effect. As a result, their home is more comfortable in the summer, and they can save on energy bills throughout the year with fewer needs to run the heating.

tiled conservatory roof replacement

When they chose Jewel for their conservatory roof replacement, the Bishop family worked with a local installer. As a local company, we believe in personalised service as every home in the area is different. Not only that, but we help throughout the process, from the design to the conservatory installation and beyond.

Which New Conservatory Roof Style Did the Bishop Family Choose?

So, which new conservatory roof did the Bishop family choose? In the end, they went for the Prefix Roof. Prefix's conservatory roofs are award winning designs for insulation, making conservatories warmer throughout the UK. These designs deal with cold air easily and also have thermal breaks. That means that hot air can escape the Bishops' home during the hot summer months.

replacement conservatory roof installation

They opted for a tiled roof with the EnviroTile profile, which is a thermally efficient design. Not only that, these tiles are lightweight and durable, meaning they won't lose their shape or strength over time. Prefix's roofs are fully weatherproof and last for decades. That way, they were environmentally friendly options for the Bishops, who won't have to replace the roof for decades - if at all!

One of the best things about their new roof is that it's easy to maintain too. As the conservatory roof design is fully weatherproof, the tiles won't crack, twist or scratch. As a result, they won't have to repaint their roof anytime soon. Also, the Bishops opted to add a 28mm neutral self-cleaning 1.0 finish onto the roof, meaning it can break down dirt and muck without them having to, helping keep it low maintenance!

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Do Tiled Roofs Blend With The Rest of The Property Seamlessly?

The Bishops were worried that it would be difficult to blend the tiles on the roof into the appearance of their existing property. However, with Jewel's help, they were able to choose stylish tiles that fit their home seamlessly while standing out in their own right. To do this, they decided to fit black tiles onto the roof. Black is a classic colour that matches all palettes.

They also decided on a plasterboard hybrid finish in the build. Plasterboard offers another layer of strength and insulation for their space. Then, we were united in wanting new guttering that was just as durable as the rest of the roof. As a result, we helped the Bishops fit a new roofline, with fascia boards in a white finish that perfectly complemented the black tiles on their roof.

These homeowners have transformed their homes with a beautifully designed conservatory roof replacement. When you get in touch with Jewel, you could do the same for your home. If you have an old space you'd like to use more, our range of durable roofing makes it possible. You can invest in glass, solid, or tiled roofs with us, and even aluminium roof lanterns!

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Local Conservatory Roof Installations in Surrey

At Jewel Windows, we're a trusted local conservatory roof installer in & around Surrey. With us, you can easily get a new ceiling and save on your investment.

If you've been inspired by the Bishops' conservatory roof replacement, get in touch via our online contact form or call us on 01252 444 365 to discuss your ideas with us! Alternatively, our online quoting engine allows you to design a bespoke conservatory roof and get a bespok price.

We look forward to enhancing your home with a conservatory roof replacement at Jewel!

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