What is the Difference Between Roof Lanterns & Skylights?

Are you looking for a way to bring more natural light into your home? Roof lanterns and skylights are two popular home improvements and are the perfect solution for inviting more sunlight into your living space.

Here at Jewel Windows, we install bespoke roof lanterns and flat skylights in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our energy efficient and durable profiles have many benefits but there are several differences between roof lanterns and skylights that homeowners need to be aware of.

What is A Roof Lantern?

Roof lanterns are growing in popularity and are a stylish and effective way to bring more light to properties of all ages and appearances. A modern twist on the classic skylight, roof lanterns are constructed with a slim aluminium framework and high performance double glazing.

These attractive glazed roof systems make a stunning focal point for homes of all sizes and styles. Traditionally, roof lanterns were only found as a part of conservatory and orangery installations. However, advancements in manufacturing and installation methods have made it possible for roof lanterns to be installed into new house extensions and onto existing flat roof surfaces.

what is a lantern roof

At Jewel Windows, we install lightweight yet robust aluminium roof lantern profiles from Atlas. These state-of-the-art systems feature slim frames and provide stunning sky views. With a Jewel roof lantern installation, you can enjoy more natural light inside your home and the high roof pitch also lifts your ceiling, making your rooms feel more spacious and airy.

Aluminium roof lanterns are weather resistant and energy efficient. When you opt for a lantern roof installation, the thermal performance and appearance of your home will be transformed. Tailor made to match your specifications, roof lanterns welcome streams of sunlight into your home, exactly where you want them.

Benefits of Roof Lanterns

Thermally Efficient

Aluminium frames offer reliable insulation and high spec double glazed panels provide effective temperature regulation. Modern roof lanterns will ensure your living space maintains a comfortable temperature in all weather conditions and throughout every season.

Secure & Durable

Made from high grade materials, roof lantern profiles are strong and durable. Capable of withstanding the poor British climate, our aluminium systems will not succumb to weather damage and will continue to offer peak performance come rain or shine. The robust frames and glazing have high structural integrity and will keep your home well protected from potential intruders.

benefits of lantern roofs


Thanks to high performance glazing panels, roof lanterns will not let exterior noises disrupt your peace at home. A large glazed roof lantern invites natural light into your space, but keeps outside sounds to a minimum.

Visually Appealing

Roof lanterns protrude from your property and create an attractive architectural feature. With customisable profiles available, it is possible to design a roof lantern profile that perfectly suits your property and enhances its existing appearance. As well as being visually appealing from the outside, roof lanterns also make your interior space appear larger, brighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

What is A Skylight?

Another effective way to bring more light to your living space is to invest in a skylight installation. Unlike roof lanterns, skylights are installed into an existing roof surface and do not have their own pitch. Skylights have a sleek exterior appearance and are often not visible from ground level.

Skylights can be installed anywhere on your existing roof and multiple installations can flood various areas of your home in natural light. Think of skylights as ceiling windows, rather than a separate roof system. These glazed installations bring more sunlight into your home, while also delivering unobstructed views of the sky, clouds and stars above!

what is a skylight

Here at Jewel Windows, we install thermally efficient flat skylights. Our profiles have a sleek, minimalist appearance and can be easily installed into your chosen location. We offer skylights in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your space. Whether you want to brighten up a dark living room or bring more sunlight to your kitchen, a skylight installation is the perfect solution.

There is no need to worry about a skylight making your home colder - the opposite is true! Made with energy efficient glazing, Jewel skylights achieve U-values as low as 1.3 W/m2K and will keep your interior space at an optimal temperature during all seasons. As well as offering premium thermal performance, our skylights are secure and will enhance the appearance of your living space.

Benefits of Skylights

Energy Efficient

Modern flat skylights are manufactured with thermal performance in mind. Made from high grade materials and energy efficient glazing, skylights offer effective insulation and will not invite chilly draughts into your home.

Sleek Appearance

From the inside, skylights are a frameless window revealing beautiful views of the sky above. Externally, the aluminium profile has a subtle yet stylish design and can be customised in any RAL colour.

benefits of a skylight

Strong & Secure

Made using robust materials, flat skylights have a strong structure and can withstand high forces of impact. The durable aluminium profile is also weather proof and protects your home from criminals and poor weather alike.


Due to their sleek design, skylights can be installed virtually anywhere on your property’s roof. These systems can be installed into a flat roof surface or secured into the slope of your ceiling. As skylights lay flat to the surface, these profiles have the same pitch as the roof they are being installed into. Skylights can be used to bring more light to an attic room, a bedroom, a staircase or any other space in your home.

Key Difference Between Roof Lanterns & Skylights

As you can see, roof lanterns and skylights have many similarities. Both of these glazed roof systems allow extra natural light to enter into a property and are made from high quality aluminium and energy efficient double glazing.

Whether you choose a roof lantern or flat skylight, you are guaranteed reliable thermal performance, security and durability with a Jewel Windows installation. Choosing between these types of roof light can be difficult but there are some differences between the two that may help you to make your decision.

• Skylights sit flat into the existing roof, whereas roof lanterns have a high pitch framework.

• Roof lanterns are often only installed in extensions, conservatories and orangeries. In comparison, skylights can easily be fitted into a home’s existing roof.

• The smaller size of skylights means they can be installed in more areas around the property than larger roof lanterns.

• Roof lanterns have more of a wow factor and can transform the interior and exterior appearance of a property. Skylights are less extravagent and have more of a minimalist and sleek appearance.

difference between lanterns and skylights

Enhance Your Property with Jewel Windows

At Jewel Windows, we improve homes in Surrey and the surrounding areas with a range of double glazing products.

We offer homeowners premium quality aluminium roof lantern and skylight installations. Energy efficient and secure, our roof systems will keep your home safe and at a pleasant temperature 365 days a year.

Whether you choose a show stopping roof lantern profile or a subtle yet stylish skylight, you can rest assured that your living space is going to look brighter and have a more serene atmosphere.

Contact our team to discuss your home improvement plans and discover the best roof system for your property. You can also use our online tool to request a free quote today.

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