How Does the Durability of uPVC Doors Compare To Other Materials?

Is it time for a front door upgrade? If your home is not retaining heat as it used to or your run down door is ruining your property’s appearance, a new door installation may be the perfect solution. 

The home improvement market is bursting with different door styles and designs. With so much choice, selecting the best door for your home can be challenging. If you are struggling to decide which door is the right option for your home, our experts are here to help! 

At Jewel Windows, we specialise in high quality window and door installations across Surrey. We offer homeowners doors made from various materials, including uPVC, aluminium, wood and composite materials. 

All of the doors we install are robust and durable. If you want to know how the durability of uPVC doors compares to other materials, read this article to discover our expert opinion. 

Are uPVC Doors Durable?

upvc doors durability

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly known as uPVC, is a high grade material regularly used in contemporary manufacturing. Modern uPVC has many benefits, and doors made from this material are a worthwhile investment for homeowners. The most desirable benefits of a uPVC door installation include: 

• Improved thermal performance 

• Enhanced property appearance 

• Increased home security 

• Customisable design 

• Reduced carbon footprint & cheaper heating bills 

• Low maintenance & easy to clean 

Compared to timber doors, uPVC profiles are a better upgrade. These cost effective doors will not rot or lose their shape over time. uPVC is a weather resistant material, meaning homeowners can expect peak performance from their door throughout every season. 

uPVC installations are a cost effective way to upgrade underperforming doors and experience many performance benefits at the same time. The answer to the question: Are uPVC doors durable? The answer is 100% yes! 

What Is The Best Door Material?

durability of upvc doors

As we have established, uPVC is strong and durable and doors made from this material will offer reliable performance for several years. Despite its long list of benefits, there are other door materials used today that offer similar levels of durability and all around performance. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different door materials and see how uPVC compares.

Wooden Doors 

Solid timber doors combine structural strength with timeless style. Wooden doors never go out of fashion, and doors made from this material bring a touch of classic charm to properties of all ages. 

Where solid timber doors excel with their strength, they fail to offer reliable long term performance. Exterior doors are exposed to the natural elements every day and timber is not the most weather proof of materials. Traditional solid wooden doors can rot from frequent exposure to rain water and damp can cause the frames to warp and bow. 

Weather damaged doors can become difficult to open and close. If the frames lose their original shape, the entire door’s functionality can be negatively impacted. 

Aluminium Doors 

durability of aluminium doors

If you want a door with extra muscle, invest in an aluminium door installation. Aluminium is one of the strongest materials used in manufacturing today and is often used to support large glazing panes such as in shopfronts and floor to ceiling windows.

Aluminium doors are also durable. They are resistant to premature wear and tear and will not become damaged due to weather exposure. Aluminium doors will not change shape over the years, and when treated, this lightweight metal will not rust like traditional steel models. 

With aluminium doors installed, homeowners will experience several performance benefits for many years to come. 

Composite Doors 

durability of composite  doors

Unlike the doors mentioned above, composite doors are made from a combination of high grade materials. Various composite doors are available on the market today, and some profiles offer better performance than others. Composite doors resemble the appearance of a solid wooden door but are often manufactured with layers of robust materials, with a strong core adding structural strength right from the centre. 

High quality composite doors are made to withstand the natural elements. A good composite door will keep its factory fresh appearance for over a decade and will not suffer weather damage. Unlike timber doors, composite doors will maintain their colour, shape, and flawless appearance.

Not all composite doors are made equal, and some models are more durable than others. With a Jewel composite door installation, you will receive a weatherproof, energy efficient and secure installation. 

Are uPVC Doors The Most Durable?

upvc patio doors surrey

As you can see, all door materials have their own benefits and drawbacks. When compared to traditional timber doors, uPVC doors offer higher levels of durability. Doors made from this material will maintain their shape and colour for many years. Whatever your local climate may be, you can count on a uPVC door to maintain its structural integrity and appearance. 

Compared to aluminium and composite doors, uPVC models offer similar durability. All of these materials are resistant to wear and tear and require minimal maintenance to remain in peak condition. While old fashioned uPVC was prone to discoloration and becoming brittle over time, modern uPVC does not have this problem. 

Doors made from aluminium, solid wood and composite materials may offer superior strength, but uPVC doors are a worthwhile and cost effective investment for your home. With a modern uPVC door installation, homeowners can enjoy attractive and high performing doors that will not need replacing for 10 - 25 years. 

Upgrade Your Home With Durable uPVC Doors

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Here at Jewel Windows, we bring a wide selection of door installations to Surrey homes. Our door range includes wood, aluminium, uPVC and composite designs. All of our doors are built to the highest standards and manufactured using high grade materials. Whether you invest in an aluminium bifold door installation or a uPVC front door, your home will benefit from enhanced visual appeal, security and energy efficiency. 

Contact our expert team today to discuss your home improvement project. You can reach the friendly Jewel Windows team by calling 01252 444365 or filling out our online contact form. 

Receive a bespoke door price for your dream door today by using our online quoting tool. uPVC, wood, aluminium or composite materials - you are guaranteed outstanding all-round performance when you invest in a Jewel Windows installation. 

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