Is It Worth Replacing The Old Double Glazing? | New Double Glazing

In short, yes, it is worth replacing your old double glazing. Outdated double glazing could cost you a lot of money and make your home colder in the winter months.

If you have old double glazing, you could make your property warmer by fitting new, higher performance windows. By replacing old windows and doors, you can cut heat loss, minimise draughts, and improve the thermal efficiency of a home.

Jewel Windows' double glazed units generally have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, but it depends on the location of the building they are installed into. Even though windows and doors have been designed to withstand adverse British weather conditions, older designs can succumb to challenging conditions.

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How Do I Know When To Replace Double Glazing?

If you have double glazed windows or doors that are old, underperforming, or damaged, then you might want to consider replacing them. It isn’t easy to measure how well your double glazing is performing, but there are some clues that indicate it may be time to replace your double glazing.

Is it colder when you stand by your window or door? This is an obvious sign that it would be beneficial to have them replaced with new double glazing. Draughty profiles are an indication that a seal may be worn, causing cold air to gain access into space.

Signs Your Double Glazing Is Failing

Condensation might seem like a common issue, but it can actually be a sign that the seal for the gas cavity between window panes has failed. It will spoil the view, lower the market value of your home and could cause damage to your building in the long run.

A chip or crack in your installation’s glass is the most obvious sign that it needs to be replaced. Not only does it compromise the thermal efficiency of a space, but it’s also a potential security risk. A chipped window is a visual sign to a burglar that your profiles can easily be compromised and are a weak spot to gain entry.

Little puddles of water on your windowsill are another sign that the weather seal is failing or that the profile has a drainage issue. Pools inside the home can be annoying, especially during cold winters. Replacing the double glazing can quickly eliminate this issue.

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Why Should I Replace My Double Glazing

Replacing double glazed windows and windows with more efficient glazing solutions can lead to an improvement in fuel bills. It can also add value to any home in your local area, as outdated profiles can be off putting to prospective buyers.

Here at Jewel Windows, we offer and highly recommend our uPVC, aluminium, and timber designs. This means you can enjoy a range of visually appealing solutions. Including a wide selection of uPVC windows, stylish aluminium models as well as wooden windows for those in conservation areas.

Our styles also include a wide selection of double glazed doors, from uPVC doors to versatile aluminium. You choose an exact replacement for your double glazing, or something totally different. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, we have something for you in our diverse selection of windows and doors.

You will enjoy increased levels of comfort in your home. New, modern double glazing will better retain heat. All of our new double glazed windows and doors provide A rated energy efficiency with low-E coating. This means that the heat inside your home will stay there, and the cold will stay outside where it belongs. It also means that you will rely less on your central heating to keep your home comfortable all year round. This could lead to lower energy bills, making your property more cost efficient to run.

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Jewel Windows' Double Glazing for All Budgets

The technology behind double glazing has advanced significantly in recent years. Now, you can find high quality double glazing for all budgets, architectures, and personal preferences. The British Fenestration Rating Council has a rating system that ranges from E to A++, making it easy to understand the thermal efficiency of your new installation.

As well as improving the thermal insulation of your space, installing new and improved double glazing can also improve sound insulation. This means you can enjoy improved levels of privacy and a break from noisy neighbours, busy roads, the hustle, and even heavy rain. If you are struggling to work or relax due to the noise outside, it may be worth replacing your double glazing with Jewel Windows.

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Should I Fix My Double Glazing or Replace It?

If your double glazing is old, any repair work is only likely to delay replacing it for a short period of time. Because outdated double glazing lacks energy efficiency, it will likely make your home more expensive to run. Replacing your double glazing before it becomes too much of a problem will make the process fuss free and more cost efficient.

Use our innovative online quoting engine to get a tailored price on our double glazed windows and doors. If you have any further queries about replacing your double glazing, please get in touch today. Our team will be happy to help you.

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