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Conservatory roof systems can make or break the performance of your glazed space. A poor quality roof can cause your conservatory to become too cold in the winter and overheated during the summer. Outdated roof profiles can also put your conservatory at risk of weather damage and intrusion.

To make the most of your conservatory 365 days a year, you need to invest in a thermally efficient and secure roof system. Here at Jewel Windows, we install a wide range of premium replacement conservatory roof profiles.

If you want to upgrade your conservatory and boost its overall performance, a new roof is the perfect solution. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about conservatory roofs.

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Different Types of Conservatory Roofs

Conservatories have been a staple in British architecture for centuries. These glass structures were originally built with single glazed panels and topped with a glass roof system. While the authentic fully-glazed conservatory is an attractive addition to any home, older structures often have multiple performance issues.

Outdated conservatory roofs can struggle with temperature regulation and weather protection. Single glazing allows heat to escape easily, and it is unable to stop cold draughts from finding its way inside. Traditional conservatories can also make your home more vulnerable, as single glazing can easily be broken - providing thieves with an access point to the rest of your property.

If you have an old conservatory or just want to boost the performance of your glazed space, a roof upgrade can be all that is needed to rejuvenate your installation. There are many different types of conservatory roof available on the market today and here at Jewel, we are proud to offer our customers a range of top quality profiles.

Energy Efficient Glass Roofs

Glass roofs are the epitome of authentic conservatory style. A fully glazed roof system will flood your space with stunning sunlight and provide you with breathtaking sky views. Here at Jewel Windows, we install the glass roof profile from market leaders Ultraframe.

energy efficient replacement glass roofs

Our glass roofs are made from high quality materials and offer outstanding levels of thermal efficiency. With our premium glass roof installed, your conservatory will maintain a pleasant temperature all year round. Ultraframe manufactures their glass roof using cutting edge technology. The high grade double glazing and uPVC frames are secure, durable and energy efficient.

Contemporary glass roof profiles will enhance the overall performance and appearance of your conservatory or orangery. A Jewel glass roof installation is the perfect way to blend classic aesthetics with top quality performance.

Gain A Warm Conservatory with Our Solid/Tiled Roofs

If you want your conservatory space to have a more cosy and private vibe, a solid or tiled roof is a great option. At Jewel, we bring Surrey homeowners the energy efficient Warmer Roof system. This modern roof features lightweight tiles, a timber structure and an internal plastered ceiling. The Warmer Roof is the most thermally efficient conservatory roof available on the market today.

warm solid and tiled roof

The Warmer Roof system has an elegant appearance and helps your conservatory blend more seamlessly with the rest of your home. With this tiled roof installed, your conservatory will experience unbeatable levels of energy efficiency. Achieving u-values as low as 0.12w/m2k, these tiled profiles offer peak thermal performance during every season.

Affordable Replacement Polycarbonate Roofs

Many old fashioned conservatories were built with a polycarbonate roof installed. These more traditional roof systems are constructed using multiple layers of sheet plastic and are lightweight and durable. When compared to the replacement conservatory roofs we have discussed so far, polycarbonate profiles are unable to meet the same levels of thermal performance yet, they are the most affordable option on the market.

affordable polycarbonate replacement roofs

A polycarbonate conservatory roof will struggle to keep your space at a comfortable temperature all year round. These cost-effective profiles may be the best choice for your wallet, but as the saying goes - you get what you pay for. Polycarbonate roofs and the British weather are also not a good match. The plastic sheets offer minimal sound insulation and the noises of the natural elements can disrupt your conservatory’s relaxing atmosphere.

Choosing the Best Roof For Your Conservatory

With so many different roof systems to choose from, finding the best profile for your conservatory can feel confusing at times. If you are not sure which roof is the right choice for you, here are some key factors to consider:

Your home’s existing appearance

Do you want your conservatory to blend with the rest of your home? If so, a tiled roof may be the best option.

Your privacy needs

If you want your space to have a cosy and private feel, solid or tiled roof systems can best meet your needs. These profiles can also include glazing panels, allowing you to enjoy your privacy and natural light.

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Your budget

The most cost-effective conservatory roofs are made from polycarbonate. While these profiles may not offer the same level of performance as those made from other materials, they are long lasting and easy to install.

Your light requirements

Do you want your conservatory to be flooded in natural light? Or do you just want a few glazed panels to bring pools of sunlight into your space? Once you answer this question, you will have a better idea of which roof style is right for your conservatory.

All conservatory roofs have their own pros and cons and the best roof for one space isn't necessarily the right choice for another. Replacing an underperforming roof is a cost-effective way to give your conservatory a new lease of life!

Here at Jewel, we offer homeowners high quality polycarbonate conservatory roofs. While we advise upgrading to our tiled or glass profiles, a Jewel polycarbonate roof will still offer good levels of thermal efficiency.

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Enhance Your Conservatory with Jewel Windows

At Jewel Windows, we upgrade conservatories across Surrey with high quality replacement roofs. We offer homeowners market-leading roof systems from Ultraframe and Warmer Roof. With customisable designs and a range of styles to choose from, we have the perfect replacement roof for every conservatory.

To discuss your replacement roof installation with our expert team, call 01252 444635 or get in touch via our online contact form.

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