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Properties lose a large percentage of their natural heat through their windows and doors. By switching outdated profiles for energy efficient alternatives, homeowners will experience many benefits.

At Jewel Windows, we offer energy efficient double glazing across Surrey. All of the windows and doors we install boast high levels of thermal performance. If you want to understand the importance of energy efficient windows and doors and their many benefits, our experts are sharing everything you need to know right here.

Energy Efficiency - The Basics 

In simple terms, energy efficiency refers to reducing the amount of energy used to achieve the same or better results. In the context of windows and doors, energy efficient profiles will keep your home warmer for longer and will result in less need for expensive central heating use. 

With energy efficient windows and doors installed, your home will maintain more of its natural heat. These profiles improve the thermal performance of your property and reduce your home’s energy usage. For example, a home with single glazed windows will be less energy efficient than a property with double or triple glazing installed. Single glazing offers poor levels of heat retention, meaning homeowners with these windows will need to use more energy to keep their property warm.

At Jewel Windows, we install a wide range of energy efficient windows and doors. By investing in one of our double glazing installations, your home will benefit from enhanced thermal performance throughout every season. 

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Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows & Doors 

There are many reasons why energy efficient windows and doors have grown in popularity over recent years. Featuring either double or triple glazing and made from high grade materials, energy efficient windows and doors offer several benefits. Upgrading to energy efficient profiles has many advantages, including: 

• Improved insulation 

• Enhanced weather protection 

• Increased heat retention 

• Reliable security 

• Improved property appearance 

• Increased property value 

• Reduced heating bills 

Switching to energy efficient windows and doors will have you reaching for the thermostat less often. Double and triple glazing successfully moderates your home’s temperature by keeping cold draughts out and trapping warm air inside. These advanced contemporary profiles also prevent overheating during the summer months. 

With energy efficient windows and doors installed, you will soon notice a reduction in your energy bills. As the advanced glazing and insulated frames will help your home maintain its natural heat, you will have less need to use expensive energy to keep your home at a pleasant temperature. 

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Reduced Carbon Footprint 

Upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors is a wise choice for your bank balance, but this home improvement has other benefits too. By investing in energy efficient installations, you will be playing your part in protecting the health of the planet. Energy efficient homes are more environmentally friendly simply because they use less harmful energy to stay warm and run appliances. Homeowners can become more environmentally friendly by generating their own electricity with solar panels and upgrading to double glazing - to name just two examples.  

The majority of central heating systems in the UK are powered by non-renewable energy sources. By using gas generated central heating, homeowners are increasing carbon emissions and negatively impacting the environment. Gas is one of the cleaner fossil fuels, but it is not sustainable or good for the environment. Keeping energy use down is essential when it comes to protecting the health of planet Earth.  

Swapping single glazing for double glazed windows and doors is a great first step towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. These energy efficient home improvements will reduce your carbon footprint alongside your energy bills. With insulated frames and low u-values, Jewel windows and doors offer high levels of heat retention and weather protection. 

Whatever the weather may be, energy efficient windows and doors will provide reliable thermal performance. With less need for harmful central heating, our energy efficient profiles will reduce your impact on the planet.

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Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows & Doors With Jewel Windows 

Jewel Windows is a double glazing specialist based in South East England. We install a large selection of double glazed windows and doors in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our range consists of several customisable profiles, featuring windows and doors to suit every property. 

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home and enjoy cheaper heating bills, don’t hesitate to contact us. Get in touch and discuss your double glazing plans with the expert Jewel Windows team via our online contact form or request an online quote to kickstart your project today. 

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