Explore the Acoustic Benefits of Double Glazing With Jewel Windows

Do you live on a busy street or opposite a main road? If so, you are sure to know just how easily outdoor noises can seep into your living space. While some external sounds are pleasant - birdsong and softly falling rain, for example - most outdoor noises can be an irritating and unwelcome soundtrack to your time spent at home. 

Windows act as a barrier between your home and the world outside. Good quality windows will not only protect your property from the natural elements but also provide effective acoustic insulation. 

Here at Jewel Windows, we install energy efficient and high performance double glazing in Surrey. Our window range consists of several profile styles, with designs suitable for heritage homes, new builds and every property in between. 

In this article, our double glazing experts are sharing everything you need to know about the acoustic benefits of double glazing. 

Acoustic Benefits Of Double Glazing 

acoustic benefits of double glazing

The first windows were nothing more than small gaps in stone walls and provided a grand total of zero acoustic benefits! Fortunately, property construction and glazing manufacturing have come a long way over the centuries. Single glazed windows were first used in the UK around the 17th century, and double glazing use soared in popularity during the 1970s and 80s. Compared to single glazing, double glazed windows offer far superior sound proofing.

Sound can move through glass easily, and this is why investing in soundproof installations is so important. Outside noises can travel from the street into your home, and if your property still has single glazing, you will easily be able to hear the chatter of pedestrians and the sounds of passing traffic. With just one pane of glass in the frame, single glazing is unable to create an effective soundproof barrier. 

By upgrading single glazed windows to double glazing, homeowners can enjoy a more serene and peaceful living space. Double glazed windows are built with two glass panels and a gas-filled chamber in between, secured together in a single sealed unit.

double glazing benefits surrey

Double glazing can improve your home’s acoustic insulation by: 

• Creating a thicker barrier for sound to travel through 

• Absorbing sound vibrations 

• Using a gas-filled chamber to stop glass panes from moving against each other 

• Reducing the volume of exterior noise by approximately 35 decibels 

What Glazing is Best For Noise Reduction?

Humans are capable of safely hearing sounds between 0 and 120 decibels. Exposure to sounds over 120 decibels can cause immediate ear damage. The sound of a busy street is around 70 decibels, so the more acoustically insulated your windows are, the better. 

Single glazed windows can reduce exterior sounds by only 25 decibels. A single pane window offers a small level of noise protection, but not enough to significantly improve the serenity of your home. By upgrading to double glazing, homeowners can enjoy a noise reduction of approximately 35 decibels. 

double glazing noise reduction

For maximum acoustic insulation, homeowners can invest in a triple glazing installation. With triple glazed windows, exterior sounds can be reduced by approximately 36 - 50+ decibels.

It is also possible to upgrade your home with windows that have been manufactured to offer increased levels of acoustic insulation. These windows often feature laminated glass and are specifically designed with soundproofing in mind. Unless you live right next to a busy main road, airport runway or passing train line, high quality double glazing will offer more than enough acoustic benefits for your home. 

Create a Peaceful & Serene Home With Jewel Windows Double Glazing 

At Jewel Windows, we offer Surrey homeowners a wide range of home improvement services. We offer professional window, door and conservatory installations and enhance homes of all styles and sizes. 

soundproof window prices surrey

Our high quality range consists of the following window styles: casement, heritage, French, Tilt & Turn and sliding sash. We offer windows manufactured with uPVC, aluminium or timber, and all of our profiles feature soundproof double glazing. With <40mm glazed units and optional sound proofing glass, Jewel double glazing will keep unwanted noise to a minimum.

We also offer triple glazing upgrades, which are perfect for homeowners looking for maximum acoustic insulation. 

Contact the Jewel Windows team to discuss your double glazing installation. You can get in touch by filling out our online contact form or calling 01252 444 365

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