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Double Glazing your Farnborough Home

Double glazing your home is a brilliant way of making your property more energy efficient, adding securing, and transforming your home. We have a wide range of designs and styles to help you add double glazing to your Farnborough home. With doors, windows, orangeries and conservatories all available and tailored to you.

Here at Jewel Windows, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer satisfaction. We work with you every step of the way from the design to completion of your project. Our main aim is to give you the bespoke products you need to renovate your home.

We have hand chosen Halo as our double glazing manufactures. With robust and firm security, weatherproofed and expertly designed we have every confidence in their product.

The installation of double glazing can be the key to renovating your home. It provides increased energy efficiency to your property and can completely transform both the interior and exterior of your Farnborough home.

We understand that it can be a daunting project, but we will be with you throughout. Why not make the first steps using our free online quote engine and start designing today!

Double glazing Farnborough

Why choose Double Glazing?

Increase your Energy Efficiency

Your home will immediately become more energy efficient with the installation of double glazing. The windows are designed to reduce heat loss from your house and to not let the cold air in. You will notice your heating bill decrease in size with your new efficient home.

Increased Security

Our windows and door come installed with a robust multi-point locking system keeping your Farnborough home safe and secure.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Reduce the noise that enters your property with double glazed windows. The extra layer of glass will make a noticeable difference with the external sounds entering the property.

10-Year Guarantee

All our double glazed products come with a 10-year guarantee. They are proven to continue operating at a high standard for long period.

How to Double Glaze your Farnborough home

There are many ways you can choose to transform your home. We offer a wide range of choices and designs to help you create your perfect home.

uPVC Windows

Double glazing your windows is a simple and straightforward solution for making your home more energy efficient. We have a range of window designs that can be bespoke to you.

Add a classic look to your property with a Casement Window, offered in a wide range of colours. This is the window that can fit almost any property with ease. With clean aesthetics, they are a trendy choice among homeowners.

The French Casement Window can provide a European look to both the interior and exterior. These windows open fully allowing you to have unrestricted views, and a Building Regulation Approved window for a fire escape.

To provide a traditional look to your home, the Sliding Sash Window is perfect. With three different designs and various styles, there are many options of tailoring this perfectly for you. Their stunning appearance can completely transform your property.

The Tilt and Turn Window are the perfect addition to high rise buildings with the restricted access the window provides. They are simple to use and add a slick look to your property. Easy cleaning of the windows is a significant upside of getting this style of window.

Double glazed windows Farnborough

Double Glazed Doors

There are four main options for a double glazed door. Whether it be the addition of a beautiful front door or creating a centrepiece for the back of your home.

The traditional composite door is a simple way to uplift the entrance to your home. With robust security, it gives you peace of mind that this could be a perfect solution for you.

Again, a traditional French Door on the rear of your home is the easy way to connect your home and garden with an unrestricted view and easy cleaning it is a popular choice. The double glazed doors will continue to keep your home warm even in the colder winter months.

A patio door allows for wider access joining to the garden. It is simple and effortless to manoeuvre, proved to continue performing at a high standard even after repetitive use.

The Bi-Folding Door completely opens your living space. Create the centrepiece for the back of your home with these doors without compromising your energy efficiency. The room can be used throughout the year as the double glazing is sure to keep the warm air trapped inside!

Double glazed doors Farnborough

Orangeries and Conservatories

Create a whole new room in your home with the addition of a double glazed orangery or conservatory. They add value to your property whether you are looking to sell or just add to your dream home. The extra space is a beautiful way to create the space your Farnborough home has needed and wanted.

Watch the outside from the comfort of your home all year round with the floor to ceiling windows. Complete the traditional look of your home or create a new modern feel with your extension.

Double Glazing Prices Farnborough

If you would like to speak to us about the transformation of your home, please call us on 01252 444 365 or email on info@jewelwindows.co.uk

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