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Exquisite Bi-Fold Doors Camberley

Bi-fold doors can help change the face of your Camberley property. These robust yet elegant doors bring together disparate spaces in your home seamlessly. In addition, they also help improve the heat performance of your home along with its looks.

Our bi-fold doors are a charming solution to you space management problems. They help you divide up your space into distinct units. However, you can also use them to bring together different areas within your Camberley property.

At Jewel Windows, we give you a stunning selection of uPVC and aluminium bi-fold doors for your home in Camberley. With our range of configurations, colours and designs, you will definitely find a suitable door for you.

Learn more about the immense range of choices and features we offer. This quick guide will walk you through our bi-fold doors product offerings, whilst also letting you know exactly what it is that you can get out of them.

bi-fold doors camberley

uPVC Bi-Fold Doors Camberley

Our uPVC bi-fold doors help you create a welcoming air for your home. These beautiful and wide doors open up into large openings. As a result, you can use them to manage indoor and outdoor spaces. If you entertain a lot, these doors can help you create and manage space. Simply push them to one side and create a smooth segue from your indoors to your outdoors. When you’re done, slide them shut and close your home up again.

These doors are also fantastic at keeping your home warm and cosy. uPVC is an excellent material for locking the heat inside. Moreover, our bi-fold doors are manufactured with clever multi-chambered profiles to give you even better thermal performance. As a result, your rooms stay warm longer and with less heating required.

What does that mean for you? Quite simply, you save money all around. You get competitively priced doors that give you several years of great performance. What’s more, you also save money on your heating bills!

The vast glazed area of these bi-fold doors means you get a stunning view of the outside. If you want a garden you’re proud of, these doors will help you showcase it. We offer uPVC bi-fold doors from the country’s leading suppliers. Find out more about our uPVC bi-fold doors range here.

Bi Fold Doors Prices camberley

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Camberley

You cannot get anything sleeker than our aluminium bi-fold doors. These slim line doors give you a greater glazed area. As a result, you get a modern look with unobscured views. How do we do that you ask?

Simply due to the strength of aluminium. The material is so strong and sturdy that even a slim frame can support a great amount of weight. In contrast, uPVC frames need to be thicker to hold the weight of the same amount of glazing.

As a result, your aluminium bi-fold doors give you a flawless contemporary look with high strength and superior performance. Choose from our aluminium bi-fold doors selection that includes doors from Air 800, Smart Aluminium System Visofold 1000, and Schüco ASS 70FD.

Unmatched Performance with Bi-Fold Doors Camberley

As we mentioned earlier, our bi-fold doors give smooth and consistent performance over years. They give you greater thermal performance. As a result, you make savings on your annual heating bills.

Additionally, they are strong and secure. This gives you and your family improved protection. We further enhance this with our secure installation. The doors have slim fittings and concealed hardware which is impossible to tamper from outside.

The flush fit and excellent sealing also makes them superbly weatherproof. You will never have to worry about rain water seeping in. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about getting a draught either.

In fact, these doors will never give you any reason to complain. You get incredibly wide openings, and the doors stack up neatly into a corner. Even their easy-glide opening mechanism will continue to function smoothly for year.

bi-fold doors prices camberleyTailored Aesthetics with Our Bi-Fold Doors

With our bi-fold doors, you get a tremendous amount of customisation. You aren’t just limited to choosing between uPVC and aluminium. In fact, even within the materials, you get complete freedom of choice in colour and configuration. Our uPVC bi-fold doors are available in a comprehensive range of colours and finishes. This includes wood-grain finishes as well.

Our range of aluminium doors offer an even wider colour option. These are available in almost limitless RAL colour options. Moreover, you can even choose to have different colours for the inside and outside.

In addition to appearance, you can even customise the configuration of your doors. They can be 2 to 7 panelled. What’s more, you can even control the size of the panels to an extent. As a result, you can tailor your doors to fit any aperture or opening. You can even replace a whole wall!

Bi-Fold Door Camberley Prices

If you are interested in getting bi-fold doors for your Camberley home, you’d want to find out how much they’d cost you. The easiest way to find out your bi-fold door prices is with our online pricing tool. Just enter what you need and it will give you a quick and competitive quote!


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