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Original Sash Windows, Surrey

Jewel Windows have an original collection of sash windows, which offer classic yet modern aesthetics. Sash windows provide character amongst homes across Surrey and are traditionally common in this area of the UK. Although in the past they have lacked durability, which meant they were prone to disintegration and leaving homes unprotected from intrudes. Our sash windows provide a new window replacement, providing homes with the durability and security they require to protect their home. Our new sash windows provide heritage aesthetics of older models but with a more contemporary high-performance.

Utilising the latest innovative technologies when designing our sash windows, which provides a flawless design, high thermal-efficiency and high-security that will leave homeowners stunned. Constructed with premium uPVC to make our uPVC sash windows weather-proof, this can even replicate timber with one of our woodgrain foils. Our windows hold the rich aesthetics of wooden sash windows with a sleek profile and bespoke hardware options, while offering your homes with a high overall performance solution.

Jewel Windows is welcoming new and existing homeowners in Surrey to transform their homes with modern sliding sash windows.


Sliding sash windows are a superb choice for all Surrey homes, as they enhance the character of your architecture and blend in well with the period features of your property. Our sliding sash windows are a superior choice, offering replacement double glazing that will improve the performance of your home as well as complement its style.

You can count on impressive efficiency, as well as excellent security when you choose to have these beautiful windows installed in your Surrey home. At Jewel Windows, we offer exceptional sliding sash windows to our customers. Our expert installation team will ensure that you benefit from the perfect fit for your home. You can count on our great customer service, and our commitment to quality when you choose Jewel Windows as your Surrey double glazing installer.

Read on to find out more about our spectacular sliding sash windows and the benefits and features they offer for your home improvements.



Jewel Windows provide sash windows that are finished to a high-quality profile, engineered with precision. Developed using the latest technology in manufacturing offering modern solutions that compliment any style of property.

Our high-quality sash windows are extremely weatherproof, featuring superior EPDM gaskets.

Our sash windows come in two exceptional solutions from Halo, System 10 and Rustique. System 10 offers a chamfered, low density design, whereas Rustique’s offers a sculptured, innovative profile. Both profile types provide an outstandingly resilient, stunning frame with the strength of a high-grade uPVC installation.



Our new sash windows come in fantastic choices that adapt to the specification that your property requires, whether this is for a period property or a contemporary build.

We offer the ability to tailor the style and configuration of your sash window design to be completely bespoke for your personal needs. We also offer a range of glass varieties such as privacy glass, distinct frame colours, furniture and Georgian bars. Our sash windows can cater to every customer and are perfect for every property type.

Thermal Windows


The Glazing and Glass Federation recommend our sash windows for our fantastic energy rating’s, which always provides your Surrey home with the right temperature.

Our sash windows have a thermally-broken multi-chambered profile that secures heat inside your property. A thermally-efficient spacer bar will then allow inert gas to travel through the gap in the glazing to prevent cold air from entering.

With our thermally-efficient uPVC sash windows, your home will stay warmer for longer. Having a thermally efficient home can offer you more benefits than just a warmer home including lower energy bills and carbon footprint.

Over time, sash windows have become more increasingly sufficient at protecting your home from elements such as weatherproofing. Our authentically finished sash windows are impressively waterproof and are a low conductor of heat, which has helped them to become as thermally-efficient as they are today.

Our uPVC sash windows contain a multi-chambered profile that allows them to withhold heat inside your Surrey home for longer. With our Rustique sash windows, there is an advanced specification that offers a new weather seal flipper with a glazed pad which prevents water ingress.

With a wider drainage channel, our sash windows can deal with heavy rainfall effectively. Improving the performance of your windows and preventing deterioration over time.

Our System 10 profile can achieve low U-values of 0.8, which is an impressive statistics across sash windows history. This has led our windows to be accredited by the British Standard, bringing them to BS6375 levels of weather performance.


Our Halo profile uPVC sash windows provide an impressive capability of achieving PAS24 standards, which is the highest level of protection available for double glazing. Our windows offer high-security with our Secured by Design approved multi-point locking mechanism. Add an additional hardware from hinges to handle to strengthen the security of your Surrey home.

Overall our windows are inherently strong and rigid, performing miles above the previous standards set by timber, and offering a cost-effective alternative to aluminium.

They offer five fully enclosed chambers with an increased wall thickness, whilst still maintaining the sleek aesthetics. These enhance the security and durability throughout.

If you want to enhance the security capacity of sash windows, we offer with our Rustique profiles an innovative reinforcement chamber, allowing you to include galvanised steel in the design, increasing strength and rigidity.

high sec windows


Our incredible sash windows perform above the normal expectations of this type of window. With a superb multi-chambered profile, which offers reduced sightlines, homes will perform to their peak.

When tried and tested, our uPVC windows achieved Secured by Design accreditation to mark their resilience and strength. You’ll benefit from great security with our market-leading windows.

The sash window collections that we offer are truly authentic, ensuring that your windows complement the surrounding features of a home.


While timber had been the preferred option for most homeowners in Surrey in the past, people are now turning towards low maintenance uPVC sash windows, particularly in conservation areas.

Our beautiful uPVC windows will never rot, warp, or fade, never requiring repainting. You can choose a high-quality paint to decorate your window, which will remain years later.

The process of removing and replacing windows is usually time-consuming and expensive. With our sash windows, we will recycle uPVC windows and replace timber directly, saving time and money.


Our sash windows are 100% recyclable, meaning that they are highly sustainable. We no longer need to repeatedly manufacture new materials as we have this sustainable resource in abundance.

We do not use any environmentally harmful materials in our windows, ensuring that we look after your home while taking care of the planet.

These sash windows are highly thermally-efficient, having significant impacts on your carbon footprint. You will no longer require your heating or air conditioning with energy-efficient glazing.

With our stunning windows, you can achieve an authentic heritage style, with peace of mind that they will perform with low maintenance and may be reused at the end of their life cycle.

In addition, while our windows are intelligently designed to offer amazing thermal-efficiency, it means you can enjoy an eco-friendly home.

Because your home retains heat better, it stays warmer for longer, allowing you to turn down the heating. This reduces your energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Furthermore, they also provide outstanding ventilation. You can enjoy vast benefits with sash windows, as your home stays well ventilated even during the night.


At Jewel Windows, we believe that every homeowner is looking for a different double glazing option, which is why we offer unique sash windows in a range of innovative features. Working with the high-performance Roseview collection, we can offer our Charisma, Heritage and Ultimate ranges of sash windows to Surrey homeowners. Here are our options:





Our Heritage Rose range is a simple, exquisite choice for authentic replacement windows in your Surrey home. These stunning windows are spectacular, offering a realistic timber alternative.

They come in a superb range of colours and wood effect finishes, ensuring that whatever your tastes, there is a traditional and stylish look to accommodate. With a range of classical hardware options and a choice of Georgian or astragal bars, these windows are truly a period feature.

The Heritage collection is super secure, and with some optional security features, they can even achieve the coveted Secured by Design accreditation.

These windows offer long-term smooth and seamless operation and an inward tilt function for safe ventilation and easy cleaning. Highly functional and superbly authentic, these sliding sash windows are a fantastic choice for your Surrey home improvements.

When you invest in Heritage sash windows, you’ll achieve an authentic look. They are authentic because they are available with wonderful period furniture and many different foils and coloured finishes, offering the performance of a true champion.


Our Ultimate Rose range is the very best choice for true heritage style. These innovative windows feature mechanically jointed profiles and intricate detailing to maximise the period features of your home.

They can be tailored in any one of hundreds of RAL spray colours, and they have classical flat putty-style glass lines and period astragal bar designs for the perfect finish.

They are so exceptionally pure when it comes to traditional design, that they have even been approved in a number of conservation areas where authenticity is everything.

Our Ultimate sliding sash windows are far superior to traditional timber when it comes to thermal performance too. They offer fantastic energy efficiency which will keep your home warmer for longer and enable you to save on your energy bills.

In addition to this, they offer the incredible performance quality that you would expect from any Roseview design, along with state of the art security features and high performance opening systems.

Our Ultimate sash windows have received the G13 New Product Of The Year Award, so you are guaranteed quality. Don’t worry though. There’s a ten-year guarantee on all our sash windows. The window is mechanically-jointed for enhanced performance and has slim sightlines to achieve perfect views.


The Charisma collection of sliding sash windows is our most affordable option. These uPVC windows are a brilliant choice for adding character to new build properties as well as enhancing the charm of period architecture. Our Charisma sash windows, their traditional appearance makes beautiful scenery for your home. Fitted with the latest multiple glazing technologies and finished in a lovely lick of paint, you’ll achieve period looks with bespoke benefits.

They are durable and robust, enabling you to enjoy many years of wonderfully smooth operation. In addition to this, our Charisma windows come with a choice of Georgian or astragal bars, as well as plain glazing.

These windows can be tailored in a variety of finishes, and accessorised with the perfect hardware options, making them unique to your Surrey home. The basic design does not compromise its security or thermal efficiency, but it does affect the price!


Our beautiful sliding sash windows are a brilliant alternative to costly and time-consuming timber options for your Surrey home. The sliding sash windows prices we offer are superb, providing excellent value for money.

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