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Residence Collection Windows and Doors


Residence Collection Windows and Doors

The Residence Collection windows and doors are a market leading, luxury choice for homeowners that want a genuine alternative to traditional timber windows and doors.

If you would like to uphold the character of a period property or want to create the classic aesthetic of wooden windows and doors, then the Residence Collection has the perfect windows and doors for you.

Expertly crafted to perfectly replicate the style of traditional timber, these premium windows and doors also offer the high performance of cutting-edge, modern uPVC double glazing. You can benefit from improved heat retention, sound insulation, strength, rigidity and security while maintaining the classic appearance of timber.

Industry Leading Performance

The Residence Collections windows have impressive thermal efficiency with U-values of 1.2 with double glazing and 0.8 with triple glazing to achieve Window Energy Rating of A+. The innovative design also benefits from excellent sound insulation.

‘Easy Clean’ Rebates

Our Residence Collection Windows are intelligently designed to be easy to clean. There are no sharp corners that would attract dirt, and the rebate is fully foiled to blend seamlessly with the interior colour of the window.

Key Points

  • Innovative design.
  • Window Energy Rating A+.
  • Double glazing U-value 1.2 – triple glazing U-value 0.8.
  • Choice of premium colour finishes matching British architectural periods.
  • Customisable elements allow you to add your personal touch.
  • No sanding, painting or staining like timber.
  • ‘Easy clean’ rebate design for low maintenance.


Residence 9 Windows Surrey

Residence 9 Windows

These premium windows are handcrafted to achieve a design and style that is quintessentially British. By coupling the classic design of 19th century windows with advanced uPVC window manufacturing techniques, you can enjoy that charming style without any of the drawbacks of traditional timber windows.

With the option to have dual decoration your R9 windows can seamlessly blend into the authentic appearance of your home while providing a clean, modern feel to the interior.

Traditional Sight-lines

For a classic, timeless effect, we use a flush sash exterior to our Residence 9 Windows and ensure all glass sight-lines are precisely equal. This guarantees perfect symmetry, and the authentic shape and depth of the window bring elegance and sophistication.

Beautiful Seamless Weld

Using fantastic, state of the art machinery, our Residence 9 Windows are beautifully crafted with a high quality, seamless welded result. Not only does this create a beautiful aesthetic, but the window itself will be sturdier, and the frame will be sleek, with stunning, slim sight-lines.

Residence Collection R7Industry Leading Performance

The innovative design is not purely for looks though, with the unique nine chambered profile providing unrivalled levels of thermal and sound insulation.

Using superb multi-chambered technology, our R9 Windows pocket warm air into the nine chambers which keeps your home warmer for longer.

You also have the option to add steel reinforcements for incredible rigidity and strength for enhanced home security and protection against forced entry.

Attention To Detail

To further compliment the resemblance of period windows, the R9 windows are fitted with an authentic cill. The 19th century style deep cill is aligned to your brickwork to accomplish complete authenticity.

These beautiful R9 windows have been designed with the fundamental principles, styles and dimensions of the Article 4 Conservation Area Guidelines at their core. This makes them the ideal choice for country cottages and heritage homes.

Unique Profile Features


Residence 9 Guildford

  • Distinctive 100mm thick profile compared to the standard 70mm.
  • Nine chambered profile for high performance.
  • Outstanding thermal and sound insulation.
  • Incredible strength and security performance.
  • Option of additional strength through steel reinforcements.
  • Glass bonded to suit grand entrances, feature windows and large apertures.
  • Elegant flush design produces authentic 19th century timber windows.
  • Inline with key principles of the Article 4 Conservation Area Guidelines.
  • Approved for some Conservation Areas and Listed buildings.

Residence 7 Windows

The sleek flush design of the incredible R7 windows lends themselves to enhance a broader range of property styles. These exceptional windows can complement quaint country cottages and modern new builds alike.

The Residence 7 windows can be mechanically jointed to create a traditional look or diagonally welded with a diagonal seam for a more contemporary aesthetic.

The R7 windows design outperforms standard uPVC windows by incorporating seven chambers within the profile, compared to the usual 3-5 chambers. This results in improved thermal and sound insulation to enhance your home.

Key Points

  • 75mm thick profile compared to the standard 70mm.
  • Seven chambered profile for improved performance.
  • Increased heat retention and noise insulation for a comfortable living space.
  • Incredible rigidity and robustness for extra security.
  • Traditional look achieved with mechanically jointed profile
  • Contemporary look achieved with welded diagonal seam.
  • Smooth flush design that complements many property styles.
  • Customisable beading options available.

Residence 9 Doors

The Residence 9 door system is designed to perfectly replicate traditional timber doors. The design features flush fitting sashes for a truly authentic appearance. With its classic design, residence 9 doors can be considered for use in conservation areas or any home looking for an alternative to timber doors that is luxurious and high performance.


Our Residence 9 Doors have superb tailored sections which replicate beautiful detailing. They can create new personality through unique design ideas, or even re-invent a pattern of the original door to preserve the unique character of the home.


Here at Jewel Windows we understand the desire to create a premium, secure manufacturing system that gives the elegant aesthetics of the 19th century. This is why we use only the very best contemporary manufacturing techniques. By welding joints together diagonally to imitate real timber we can produce the effect of stunning 19th century manufacturing, but with all the benefits of 21st century uPVC.


Our Residence 9 Doors achieve a beautiful aesthetic, as well as being very energy efficient. Choose a Residence 9 Door for an attractive entrance to your home that looks traditional, but has all the energy-efficient benefits of a contemporary uPVC door.

Residence Collection R9

Exquisite Style

To enhance the period look of our beautiful Residence Collection windows and doors, we offer a range of 19th century style accessories. From Georgian bars to monkey tail handles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect combination for your home.

Colour Options

Whether you prefer something classic such as ‘English Oak’, or a more contemporary option like ‘Clotted Cream’, we have something to suit your new Surrey home today.

We have a vast range of colour options that will complement your property perfectly, and will accommodate your design preferences wherever possible.

residence 9 Woking

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