Stunning Conservatories Camberley

Conservatories can make a positive difference in any Camberley home. In addition to maximising the amount of natural light within your property, they can help you enjoy views of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

A great choice for anyone looking to expand, conservatories create a space where you can enjoy a book or the sight of your backyard. At the same time, they provide the perfect working environment thanks to the bright open space and their magnificent soundproofing qualities.

Alongside the innate elegance that they exude at all times, our products are highly useful for budding florists since your plants will benefit from the perfect amount of natural light without suffering from the ever-changing weather conditions outside.

Depending on your personal tastes and design of your home, you can choose from our huge variety of products styles, and accessories. Work with Jewel Windows today for a FENSA-accredited quality service.

Victorian Conservatories

Regardless of whether your home is modern, traditional or a mix of architectural styles, our versatile Victorian conservatories will surprise you with their ability to blend perfectly with any Camberley property. This is the classic design envisioned by customers when you talk about extensions.

The two systems available for our Victorian products are the Classic and the Uzone systems. While the Classic copes well with any roof design and configuration and provides a classical appearance to your property, the Uzone profile gives your extension a contemporary look that is enhanced by the streamlined bar detail.

Tiled conservatory roofEdwardian Conservatories

This design differs from the standard Victorian model, taking on a square or rectangular shape. This therefore means that they are a great choice for any homeowner looking to make the best out of the available space in their property.

Consequently, this makes choosing furniture for them extremely easy. This design is incredibly organised and a smart addition to any home, and our Classic and Uzone systems are available for these products as well.

Edwardian Conservatory Camberley

Gable Conservatories

The impressive height and glamorous appearance of our Gable designs will bring an elegant touch to the outside sight of your house, while adding practical benefits such as additional light and a luscious aesthetic to the rest of your home.

One of our most popular product lines, this conservatory is well suited to kitchen extensions given that it provides the best environment for day-to-day activities while increasing visibility towards the garden. This also makes supervising children at dinner time considerably easier!

Gable end conservatory CamberleyLean-To & Combination Conservatories

Other available choices would be our lean-to conservatories, which are perfect for you if an affordable design is the option you’re looking for. Another benefit of this style can be found in its suitability for a wide range of properties, including terraced houses or bungalows.

Our P and T shaped conservatories on the other hand are the best choices if you would like to maximise available space. To make the best out of the natural light outside and its effects inside your home, you can pick the lantern and portal styles as well, which are available in the Classic system.

ConservatoriesWeather Resistant

The safety provided by the double glazed glass acts as a shield against severe weather conditions throughout the year. Regardless of the season, our amazing profiles can tolerate temperatures as low as – 15º C or as high as +35º C.

Also, precipitations such as rain or snow will not get in the way of the products’ resistance and usefulness. All of our extensions are sealed tightly, and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Countless Options

In order to enjoy and integrate our products with the rest of your home, you can choose to add colours to the frames or opt for various shading options, all of which offer a beautiful aesthetic flair to your extension.

Several other hardware modifications are available for your purchases well. We offer crestings and finials, cornices and much more. Get in touch with us today and enjoy the benefits of Jewel products.


Orangeries on the other hand are a wonderful choice for those looking to blend the elegance of a conservatory with the privacy of a full-scale property, combining gorgeous brick-work and impressive glazing.

Orangeries blend in subtly with most properties due to their brick structure, and here at Jewel Windows we guarantee you a quick, smooth installation that is handled by the finest teams in the industry.

Orangeries and Conservatories in Camberley

Lantern Conservatories

These products are a very popular choice for classic and period properties. By utilising a two-tiered roof structure, these gorgeous home improvements are ideal for swimming pool structures, allowing sunlight to flood in while maintaining the same beautiful views.

The levels are then separated with rows of beautiful double glazing, giving your new conservatory lots of light as well as enhanced dimensions and ceiling height.


Also available with Jewel Windows are our beautiful porches. Add an extra, more secure entrance to your Camberley home with our teams today. Not only will they improve the aesthetic of your Camberley home, you’ll also see improvements in your energy ratings. Adding a porch to your property is an excellent step towards better thermal efficiency.

In the meantime you can choose from a range of tiling options, colours and wood-grain finishes for your new porch that blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of any property, and choose from uPVC, aluminium or timber as the core material. We also include lead flashing and guttering options as a standard choice for your new purchase.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs

If your current glass roofs are becoming dirty more often than they should, or if you are looking for a more efficient product overall, then we would like to recommend you the new Pilkington Activ TM glass.

This outstanding product enjoys a number of characteristics that make it an impressive choice, from self- cleaning and temperature control mechanics to its amazing sound insulation properties and impact-resistance.


Conservatories Camberley Prices

If you are interested in working with Jewel to install one of our extensions in your Camberley home then the easiest way to find out your conservatories prices is with our online pricing tool. Just enter what you need and it will give you a quick and competitive quote!

Alternatively, get in touch with us via our online contact form for any additional information required. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about the products and services we have available.

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