Composite Doors, Woking

We at Jewel Windows are proud to be the leading installers of premium composite doors in Woking. As we are FENSA-accredited, we are dedicated to giving you reliable and efficient double glazed installations. What’s more, you benefit from our years of experience in this industry as well.

Our composite doors give you a number of fantastic features and provide a profile that you can customise to your needs. You can even match their colour and finish to complement your home as well as décor. In fact, our market-leading Endurance, XtremeDoor and Residor profiles will give you excellent heat performance and protection along with stunning looks.

These doors make an excellent replacement for timber doors. They give you the same classic aesthetic but with modern performance. Besides, they look so striking that they can revamp the look of any Woking home. When you consider the superb performance boost your home will get, you can see why it is such a great-value deal for you.

Why Choose the Endurance Profile?

The composite doors we bring to you from Endurance give you a durable product that is designed for long-lasting strength and security. The profile features a robust 44mm solid timber core, constructed using laminated veneered lumber. This gives your doors immense structural integrity for superior security.

This inherent strength is further supplemented with market-leading locking systems which are fitted into each Endurance composite door. Their protection is so comprehensive that the company provides you with a £1000 security guarantee in the unlikely event of the locks failing to keep out intruders.

The best part is, the composite doors from Endurance are available in a selection of 70 unique designs. You can also choose from various frame combination, as well as hardware modifications. You can also customise the doors so that you get a different colour for the inside and outside frames.

Composite Doors Woking

What Are the Features of the Residor Profile?

The Residor composite door profile gives you hardy looks that are easy to care for. They are built to comply with modern uPVC specifications and feature a tough and stain-resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) outer coating.

This weather-resistant skin protects the doors’ core from moisture, wind, and the action of the sun’s rays. As a result, your composite doors will last through several seasons of harsh and unfavourable weather. In fact, even the hinges of our doors have uPVC edgings. To improve their security, we fit the lock edge on a 4mm thick powder-coated lock strip.

As with all our products, these composite doors too can be modified according to your requirements and stylistic needs. What’s more, you also get the option of Exitext MDS25. This is the latest option that allows you to widen your threshold up to 115mm for better Part M compliance and accessibility.

Composite DoorAre Jewel Composite Doors Secure?

At Jewel Windows, we understand how important security is for your Woking home. This is why we only offer you doors that meet our minimum safety and protection requirements. What’s more, we even offer doors that are accredited by Secured by Design, a certification that is only issued if the product meets the security requirements set by the UK police.

As part of their security fittings, our composite doors offer sturdy deadbolts in conjunction with high-security locking systems. The resilient profile combined with these locking systems mean that your doors can fend off even the most resolute break-in attempts. As a result, your home and family are protected and you get the peace of mind knowing they are safe.

What Kind of Thermal Performance Will I Get?

With Jewel Windows, you always get products that give you superior performance. This is why our composite doors will always provide you with exceptional insulation. They utilise innovative structural design to keep the heat retained inside your home.

In addition, we fit your composite doors will modern vacuum-sealing techniques, giving you improved thermal performance effortlessly. As a result, your home needs less artificial heating to keep it warm. Moreover, you will need to run your heating less and still have a comfortable home, resulting in lower energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Composite Doors Prices Woking

Composite Doors Prices, Woking

Let us at Jewel Windows help you improve your Woking home with our gorgeous composite doors. Learn more about our products and competitive composite door prices simply filling out our online contact form and sending it to us.

We also offer our customers a quick and easy way to get your composite door quotes instantly. Simply enter your specifications into our online quotation tool. This clever tool will use your inputs and calculate your personalised price estimate in a few minutes.

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